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-"Cupra" owes its name to the goddess Cupra, also known as Aphrodite and venerated by the Picenes since the third century BC.
Before the unification of Italy, our town had the medieval name of "Marano".

- Hotel Baia Marina, originally named “Pensione Luciana”, was one of the first pensions of Cupra Marittima during the 50s.

- Cupra has been given the title of European Blue Flag for more than 15 years. This award was obtained thanks to the clearness of its waters and for its efficient services.

- The very first production of “Cera di Cupra” and “Pasta del Capitano” del Dott. Ciccarelli owes its origins to our little town.

- Cupra hosts the largest European Museum of Malacology, with its enormous exhibition of shells.

- Every summer in Cupra Marittima takes place the festival "BarbeCupra", that once entered the Guinness Book of Records being recognized as the world's longest barbecue.

-For the past 36 years, Cupra has been hosting the Contemporary Painting Competition, an event of national importance which attracts artists from all over Italy.

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