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Cupra Marittima

breathe in the sea air... overlooking the exclusive waterfront

We are located in Cupra Marittima, a small and cosy seaside resort along the Adriatic Coast a few kilometres from San Benedetto del Tronto, Grottammare and Ascoli Piceno. We are the ideal location for those who want to enjoy a relaxing holiday away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

How to reach us

directly on the Cupra seafront

Our hotel is easily accessible from the A14. From the north, the recommended exit is Pedaso, driving along the SS/16 Adriatica to Cupra Marittima, and finally taking the seafront at Via Nazario Sauro. For those arriving from the south, the recommended exit is Grottammare, continuing along the SS/16 in a northerly direction towards Cupra Marittima. The structure, in both cases, is easily visible and located on the southern waterfront of Cupra Marittima.

We are also close to the station, so you can easily walk from there (about 150 metres).

Piceno to be discovered

discover our territory

Cupra’s great natural and historical richness makes it a place loved by tourists of all ages and backgrounds.Good food, a unique and multifaceted territory that will win you over, involve you and excite you.

Piceno to be discovered

Cupra, Grottammare, la Riviera delle Palme

Cupra Marittima has always played a strategic role in history, both for the presence of a port, among other things one of the few natural harbours on the Adriatic coast, of which traces of a Roman wharf remain, and for the famous ager cuprensis territory. The town of Cupra Marittima has the singular characteristic of having no urban overlap between the classic centre, the ancient medieval hamlets and the modern part that has become, thanks to these qualities, a renowned seaside tourist centre.

Cupra Marittima’s older sister is nearby Grottammare, which is distinguished by its privileged location, surrounded by lush vegetation and lapped by the sea to the east. The presence of these elements means that it can enjoy a mild climate all year round. The territory is divided into two urban cores: one located along the coast, and one upstream, the Old Incasato, which stands on a hill 126 m above sea level. above sea level. Grottammare has always been an important holiday destination for its mild climate and beautiful landscape.

Finally, San Benedetto del Tronto is one of the most important and popular tourist cities on the Adriatic and has managed to combine the fun of a summer holiday on the beach with the lush nature of its palm trees and the art of its many open-air sculptures. Archaeological remains from different eras can be admired, as well as churches, museums and military architecture. Suitable both for those who wish to immerse themselves in the history of central Italy and for those who dream of a weekend at the seaside away from home.

The Riviera delle Palme is a place to discover and experience, ideal for young people, couples who want to take advantage of a romantic weekend or families who want to enjoy a relaxing and safe holiday!

Always with a smile

We are not a Team, we are a Family!

No matter how tiring the summer season will be and how tired the staff will be, the hotel staff always do their work with a smile.

The family management pays attention to every detail and the young age provides a much-needed breath of fresh air to cope with the summer heat. La professionalità di un Hotel, la cordialità di una Famiglia.

We are waiting for you!